For The Love Of Steel

We started our first Etsy page and business, Madam Metalworks, in 2015 after a move from Wyoming to Chris's home state of Montana. A new adventure was waiting for us and we had no idea how much was going to change by following this path. Joni had learned all about metal from a previous job in Wyoming and wanted to try and expand on that. So after some discussion, we decided to invest in a plasma table and focus on decorative art as Joni is blessed with a creative ability and a husband who was up for the adventure and who is a "Jack of all trades".

In 2016 we decided to move out of Missoula and to the small town of Arlee where we purchased an old vacant Mercantile building. We have spent the past two years and counting remodeling the building to allow us to have a storefront, work area and housing all in one spot! It has and is taking a lot of blood (and broken bones), sweat and tears ....literally but their is an end in sight! And because we never do just one thing at a time, we decided after 3 years of metalwork, it was time for us to expand!

So now, we are expanding our inventory to include wooden ornaments and accents with a second Etsy shop, ChristmasCottageShop! Turns out we just can't stop changing our metal designs into these "fun sized" gifts and decorations. We want our designs to be something everyone can enjoy and afford and that still has personality behind it. Chris has taken the lead with this part of the business and I will continue to work on the metal side of things!

We are looking forward to see what the next chapter brings and hope that you will be part of our journey. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, for supporting us and we hope you like what we have in our store!

Chris & Joni

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